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Back up utility program for Testloop C

Back up utility program for Testloop C

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Utility software that copies the TestloopSQL database and the test curves to up to 3 locations on your computer and Network

This program is designed to make a copy of your important data so that it can be easily recuperated after a computer crash or a computer upgrade.  Some of the features are :

– You can specify where the database is located (typically C:ProgramDataLab Integration incDB)
– You can specify where the test curves are located (typically C:ProgramDataLab Integration incCourbes)
– You select which SQL service holds the database (typically TESTLOOPSERVER)
– Both folders can be copied to up to 3 different locations (network folder, USB drives, etc…)
– The back up can run every hour up to every 12 hours
– This back up will greatly facilitate the transfer of data to the new upcomiing TESTLOOP SERVER program