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LAB.PROBRE.SGC strain gauge conditioning module

LAB.PROBRE.SGC strain gauge conditioning module

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Strain gauge digitizing module (from analog signal to digital) from a strain gauge sensor (like force, pressure, displacement, torque or other).

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The LAB.PROBE.SGC conditioning module is a high resolution, high stability signal conditioner.  Look at these amazing specifications:
– High resolution (noise free) digitizing system, from 250 000 : 1 to 10 000 : 1 (e.g 0.01 N noise free resolution with a 1 000 N sensor at 7.5 measurements/sec), 100 000 : 1 typical at 60 measurements/sec
– Selectable sampling frequency from 7.5 measurements/sec to 3 840 measurements/sec
– Standardized input for 2mV/V sensors, adjustable using the LAB.PROBE.STC and the appropriate resistor
– High speed 230 400 bauds serial communication
– Supply voltage from 2.7Vdc (requires higher current) to 18Vdc max, 9-12Vdc typical
– ±10Vdc, ±5Vdc and ±1Vdc using the optional LAB.PROBE.10V connecting module
– Can be used directly with 120 ohms or 350 ohms strain gauges using the optional LAB.PROBE.C120 or LAB.PROBE.C350 bridge completion module
– Each module includes the TESTLOOP PROBE (TLP) software licence, an incredible user interface operating under Windows and Linux, all processor types, all versions free of charge and included
– The TLP software allows the user to make all settings via an English language interface (not buttons or combinaisons of), records measurements/graphs and freeze Max/Min values on a continuous basis
– Create your own connections using the documentation or acquire our ready to use accessories so that you can get measuring in seconds
– Type PROBE in your search bar for all PROBE compatible products