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Load cell, 10 N, TCA style

Load cell, 10 N, TCA style

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Force sensor or load cell, capacity of 10N, 1kg, 2lb

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This force transducer can be used to measure force up to 10N (or 1kg or 2lb) as well as to measure weights up to 1kg (2lb).

This transducer comes with M6 female thread at each end, has 5m of connecting cable and has a standard signal output of 2mV/V which is becoming the standard amongs sensors.
Equipped with a LAB.PROBE.SG signal conditioner, the LC.TCA-10N is ready to be used with a Lab Integration testing machine or with the Testloop Probe software, operating under Windows or the Lab Integration TLP hardware, the latest being compatible with the Testloop Server family of product.
Under normal condition, this sensor can be calibrated between 5% and 100% (0.5 to 10N) of its nominal capacity. Please specify if you need a different range when ordering the certification.
This sensor comes with adjustable deformation limits to protect it against overloads.
Force or load in N

10 N

Force or load in lb

2.25 lb

Force or load in kg

1 kg