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Testloop Probe software licence

Testloop Probe software licence

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The Testloop Probe is a software designed to make really good use of a LAB.PROBE.SGC signal conditioner for all types of sensors

To view the measurements generated by the LAB.PROBE.XXX, the Testloop Probe software is all indicated so a licence is included with each purchase of the LAB.PROBE.  Within the Testloop Probe, you will find the following features:
– Available are versions for Windows and Linux operating with AMD or ARM processors

– A licence for this software is included with each purchase of a LAB.PROBE.XXX

– All initial settings to start using your PROBE are included in Testloop Probe and are NIP protected.  They are:

  • You can name your LAB.PROBE.XXX for easy recognition when connecting (like FORCE CANAL, HOPPER WEIGHT, etc…)
  • The Probe serial number is stored within which can be used in calibration reports
  • The type of measurement can be stored with its associated units like Force, Pressure, Dimensional, Torque, Weight, Strength, Strain, etc…
  • The sensor serial number can also be memorized which can also be used in calibration reports
  • The setting of the sensor gain, the tool for calibrating the PROBE, is accessible by the user or a calibration agency
  • The nominal value of the sensor with its relevant units are stored inside the LAB.PROBE (like 500N, 100lbf, 200kg, etc…)
  • If there was a permanent offset on the sensor applied for instance by an initial weight, it can be eliminated by a stored offset
  • The measurement resolution (the number of zeros) can be set between 0 decimal place up to 4 decimal places
  • The measurement speed is adjustable from 7.5 measurements/sec up to 3 840 measurements/sec
In operation, the Testloop Probe displays in real time the actual value which can also be frozen on a different display keeping the real time value always available.  In a continuous fashion, the Maximum and Minimum values are frozen and refreshed if they happen to increase or decrease.  All these values can be reset to zero in order to start a new test or measurement.
Two surprising features are included with the Testloop Probe, features you certainly would not expect from a typical display:
  1. There is a graph recorder built in and you can visualize it as soon as you click Start.  Then, clicking on Stop will even allow you to transfer these records on the internal memory, on a USB key or even on a Network drive.
  2. There is a built-in reporting function that will generate a pdf displaying the recordings (the graph) and the Max – Freeze – Min values.  Furthermore, it is possible to convert the horizontal value by using a factor.
The last feature of the Testloop Probe is that it is compatible with TESTLOOP SERVER data manager.  The latest can transmit tests or measurements to do to a Testloop Probe unit which will return its acquisition to the TESTLOOP SERVER for further analysis, reporting and reporting.